Three Heart Warming Photo Booth Stories and A Strange Photo Booth Tale

Photo booths have made a sort of renaissance in the event circuit for the last five years. They appear almost everywhere: celebrity parties, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even music videos. Because they are almost in every single event, photo booths happen to capture some of the most outrageous, funny, and strange photos. You simply can’t make up some of the photos even if you tried, like that time when:


The Strange Tale of the Photo Booth Robber

A Chicago man in 2016 came up with a genius idea to strike it big by-wait for it-robbing an amusement arcade’s photo booth. He made away with a grand sum of $75 but the capper was the photo booth snapping a mugshot of the thief.

In fact, the booth snapped several pictures of guy ­which police promptly showed the public in an attempt to nab him.

Photo booths are designed to take pictures when someone tries to manipulate them or damage them in any way. Too bad the fellow forgot the golden rule behind every successful heist-wear a mask.

Grandma and Grandpa Show Off their Photo Booth Skills

The photo booth world was taken by storm when a Tennessee Grandma and Grandpa decided to show off their photo booth moves at their grandson’s wedding. They used some terrific props and swag you cannot replicate to take some of the best images you’ll find on the internet. The photos went viral after being posted on Reddit and Imgur, and in just a few days, more than 2.5 million people had seen the hilarious photos. People close to the grandparents swear they had never seen that side of them.

Dad-to-be Gets the Best Surprise of His Life in a Photo Booth

When your wife is about to tell you that you are going to be a daddy, you expect a little bit of preparation at first. May be a romantic candle lit dinner or something equally special before she tells breaks the news.

But that’s not what happened to the hubby in this story. When his wife, a photographer, discovered that she was pregnant, she knew how she was going to break the news to her husband – inside a photo booth. When they got to the booth and took their places, the wife dished out a tiny baby beanie with the word “baby” knitted on it.

What followed was a sequence of shots of the husband surprised and thriving in tear-jerking joy. The wife recorded a video of moment to complement the stills and shared it on YouTube.

What’s Next for The Iconic Photo Booth?

In almost every event circuit, you’ll find a photo booth. This has been a trend for the last 5 years, but many people still argue that the traditional automated selfie machine is on the out, mainly due to newer and exciting photography technologies. But even with such dire predictions, you have to ask, is there any truth behind them? Or are the doomsday naysayers just that, naysayers.

The only way to find the truth is by taking a closer look at the modern photo booth and see if it can compete with newer technologies.

What’s Behind The Modern Photo Booths?

The photo booth, just like any other technology is under a constant state of change. Five years ago, the photo booth printed out images on paper strips and probably had some form of effects like adding a custom frame to the images.

Cutting Edge Photo Booths

Today though, photo booths are capable of a whole lot more. In fact, manufacturers have added lots of features that rival current digital cameras. For instance, some photo booths use iPads to take pictures. Apart from printing these pictures, you can post them instantly on your social media account, share with others through email and other services, and even save the images on a removable storage device. That’s about as much functionality as you can get with modern devices. On that front, photo booths are keeping up with new digital imaging technologies.


Another front where photo booths excel is cost. Hiring a professional photographer to cover an event may cost you thousands of dollars, but a photo booth costs you a fraction of this price. Also, the photographer can’t be at in all places at the same time, so he’s bound to miss out on some moments. With a photo booth however, you have high chances of capturing exciting images because people will line up for a chance to take amazing pictures inside the booth.

Easily Customizable

For corporate events, photo booths introduce a whole new way to customize pictures. If you were to go with a photographer, you’d have to tell them to bring a few props so as to match the photos with the theme of the event.

That means if you are planning on launching a new product, you need to print out large cardboard cut outs with your products on them. The photo booth makes the whole process a lot easier. Most of them can be programmed to incorporate your product in the background doing away with the costly affair of printing out props for each corporate event you have planned.  

These are a few areas where photo booths excel, and there are lots of other areas meaning the booth is here to stay.

Why Does Everyone Want To Get Into a Photo Booth?

Over the last couple of years, photo booths have shown a lot of resilience. Once considered a relic in the world of photography, these automatic selfie-takers have made a strong comeback to become the center piece of event circuits across the board.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or a corporate Christmas party. You can’t miss a photo booth. What’s really surprising is the resurgence of photo booth popularity comes at a time when almost everyone owns a phone with a camera, and people can take pictures and post them instantly online through various social media platforms. The return of the photo booth is a complete conundrum. 

After all, we are talking about machines that take pictures and print them on paper. It’s a safe bet to assume you cannot remember the last time you had your picture printed on paper, right? But when you come across a photo booth, you ditch your smartphone and take selfies in the booth. Why is that? What’s the appeal behind photo booths?

For those of us who grew up with photo booths, the reason is as simple as nostalgia. Remember when you’d go to out on a date to an amusement park? You simply had to take pictures with your date in the booth. And you took tons of pictures, some of which are still in the scrap book.

Those who didn’t grow up with photo booths are drawn to it like moths to a light bulb because it presents a new experience. Digital photography may have taken over the world, but to someone whose never experienced having their photo instantly printed on a paper strip, no matter how grainy the picture appears, the photo booth is like a magnet.

What that tells you is, on your next event make sure you have a photo booth strategically positioned. It will draw a larger crowd that your wedding DJ can, and it is only a fraction of the price.

Since photo booths today come with additional capabilities such as storing digital files of each picture they take, you are sure you’ll have enough pictures to fill your scrap book. This is also an advantage in corporate events. Instead of showing the world those formal pictures, you can show how sociable your company is by posting some of the funny and cute pictures taken inside the photo booth on your website and social media accounts. People like to see the fun side of life, and by showing them you are fun, you’ll surely win a few hearts over.


Ingenious Ways to Brand Corporate Events with Photo Booths

When you think about corporate branding and marketing, you probably get an image of people in business suits huddled together looking at numbers on a computer screen and whispering between themselves. However, corporate branding doesn’t have to get that serious. That are lots of fun ways to market a company, and the best part is, fun things tend to stick in people’s memories. So your fun corporate branding strategy will have far more effect than traditional marketing efforts.

One fun way to market yourself today is by using photo booths. These retro automated selfie-takers are taking the corporate world by storm. Entire boardrooms spend hours strategizing on how to leverage the innocuous photo booth to get leads, cultivate customer loyalty and more. And it’s working.

In 2016 alone, more than 220, 000 people searched for photo booth rentals on Google each month. That’s a 48% increase in search from the previous year. On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, 15 minutes don’t pass without someone posting something related to a photo booth.

From that data alone, it’s clear photo booths are a trending, and using them can greatly improve branding efforts. But if you’ve never used a photo booth before, you might be wondering how exactly it fits into your branding and marketing plans. Here are a few places where you can leverage photo booths to increase brand awareness during your next corporate event.

Launching New Products

You can set up a photo booth where guests can take pictures with the new products. Guests walk away with a film strip with your product in it. They are bound to remember your product every time they look at the pictures.

Some photo booths allow you to customize the background image. You can use this feature to place your images of your product on the background.

Award Ceremonies

Whether you are recognizing your employees for exemplary services or other movers and shakers in the industry, photo booths are an ideal add-on. Award winners can take pictures in the booths, where you can incorporate your company’s logo like we saw previously.

Corporate Christmas Parties

During Christmas, people are already in a jovial mood and a photo booth is a natural way to capture their mood. Dozens of guests are going to line up at the booth and with tactful thinking you can brand your company during these Christmas parties.

By now you’ve already realized there are numerous ways to brand your company using photo booths. So you don’t have to limit yourself to the suggested corporate events above. Let your imagination run wild and you wont regret having a photo booth at your next corporate event.

How Many Bridesmaid and Groomsmen You Should Have? This Guide Will Help You

You are probably hyperventilating whenever someone asks you how many bridesmaid and groomsmen you’ll have during your big day. Coming up with a tangible figure may seem like one of those small and trivial wedding preparation details, but it’s not. Every groomsman in your wedding party doubles up as an usher, and for every 40 or 50 ushers, you should have one usher.

Therefore, if you chose a small number of groomsmen, you may end up asking some of your guests to step in and cover for the missing ushers. The same goes for bridesmaid. They play a vital role in the during the wedding, like helping guests find the right chair, or even helping them find that vintage photo booth you rented specifically for this day.

If you expect more than 200 guests at your wedding, you should have anywhere between 7 to 10 bridesmaid. The same goes for the groomsmen. Also, if you’ve opted to go for a formal wedding, remember you have to get a flower girl as well as a ring bearer on top of the bridesmaid and groomsmen. For informal weddings, you can get away with 5 bridesmaid and 5 groomsmen though. That’s because formal weddings tend to be private affairs with a limited number of guests.

On the other hand, if you’ve chose to do a casual wedding, and they are fantastic by the way, you only need the maid of honor and the best man. You may throw in a few more bridesmaid and groomsmen, but you won’t need a flower girl or a ring bearer.

There are other unorthodox weddings where you don’t need a groom’s party or a bridal party. For instance, if you are having a late-in-life wedding, you can have your children fill in the position for the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, but there’s no law that says that’s a must.

However, as much as the above guide may help you make up your mind remember the numbers are not set in stone. You can bend or even break the rules. For instance, you can opt for a formal wedding even if you are doing it late in life and go for the whole nine yards with 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen.

What is important is molding the wedding preparations to fit the wedding vision you’ve always had in your mind.  In fact, if you want a wedding themed after the Game of Thrones, no one can stop you. Just make sure your groomsmen and bridesmaid dress the part and take lots of pictures in that photo booth rental.