Three Heart Warming Photo Booth Stories and A Strange Photo Booth Tale

Photo booths have made a sort of renaissance in the event circuit for the last five years. They appear almost everywhere: celebrity parties, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even music videos. Because they are almost in every single event, photo booths happen to capture some of the most outrageous, funny, and strange photos. You simply can’t make up some of the photos even if you tried, like that time when:


The Strange Tale of the Photo Booth Robber

A Chicago man in 2016 came up with a genius idea to strike it big by-wait for it-robbing an amusement arcade’s photo booth. He made away with a grand sum of $75 but the capper was the photo booth snapping a mugshot of the thief.

In fact, the booth snapped several pictures of guy ­which police promptly showed the public in an attempt to nab him.

Photo booths are designed to take pictures when someone tries to manipulate them or damage them in any way. Too bad the fellow forgot the golden rule behind every successful heist-wear a mask.

Grandma and Grandpa Show Off their Photo Booth Skills

The photo booth world was taken by storm when a Tennessee Grandma and Grandpa decided to show off their photo booth moves at their grandson’s wedding. They used some terrific props and swag you cannot replicate to take some of the best images you’ll find on the internet. The photos went viral after being posted on Reddit and Imgur, and in just a few days, more than 2.5 million people had seen the hilarious photos. People close to the grandparents swear they had never seen that side of them.

Dad-to-be Gets the Best Surprise of His Life in a Photo Booth

When your wife is about to tell you that you are going to be a daddy, you expect a little bit of preparation at first. May be a romantic candle lit dinner or something equally special before she tells breaks the news.

But that’s not what happened to the hubby in this story. When his wife, a photographer, discovered that she was pregnant, she knew how she was going to break the news to her husband – inside a photo booth. When they got to the booth and took their places, the wife dished out a tiny baby beanie with the word “baby” knitted on it.

What followed was a sequence of shots of the husband surprised and thriving in tear-jerking joy. The wife recorded a video of moment to complement the stills and shared it on YouTube.