What’s Next for The Iconic Photo Booth?

In almost every event circuit, you’ll find a photo booth. This has been a trend for the last 5 years, but many people still argue that the traditional automated selfie machine is on the out, mainly due to newer and exciting photography technologies. But even with such dire predictions, you have to ask, is there any truth behind them? Or are the doomsday naysayers just that, naysayers.

The only way to find the truth is by taking a closer look at the modern photo booth and see if it can compete with newer technologies.

What’s Behind The Modern Photo Booths?

The photo booth, just like any other technology is under a constant state of change. Five years ago, the photo booth printed out images on paper strips and probably had some form of effects like adding a custom frame to the images.

Cutting Edge Photo Booths

Today though, photo booths are capable of a whole lot more. In fact, manufacturers have added lots of features that rival current digital cameras. For instance, some photo booths use iPads to take pictures. Apart from printing these pictures, you can post them instantly on your social media account, share with others through email and other services, and even save the images on a removable storage device. That’s about as much functionality as you can get with modern devices. On that front, photo booths are keeping up with new digital imaging technologies.


Another front where photo booths excel is cost. Hiring a professional photographer to cover an event may cost you thousands of dollars, but a photo booth costs you a fraction of this price. Also, the photographer can’t be at in all places at the same time, so he’s bound to miss out on some moments. With a photo booth however, you have high chances of capturing exciting images because people will line up for a chance to take amazing pictures inside the booth.

Easily Customizable

For corporate events, photo booths introduce a whole new way to customize pictures. If you were to go with a photographer, you’d have to tell them to bring a few props so as to match the photos with the theme of the event.

That means if you are planning on launching a new product, you need to print out large cardboard cut outs with your products on them. The photo booth makes the whole process a lot easier. Most of them can be programmed to incorporate your product in the background doing away with the costly affair of printing out props for each corporate event you have planned.  

These are a few areas where photo booths excel, and there are lots of other areas meaning the booth is here to stay.