Ingenious Ways to Brand Corporate Events with Photo Booths

When you think about corporate branding and marketing, you probably get an image of people in business suits huddled together looking at numbers on a computer screen and whispering between themselves. However, corporate branding doesn’t have to get that serious. That are lots of fun ways to market a company, and the best part is, fun things tend to stick in people’s memories. So your fun corporate branding strategy will have far more effect than traditional marketing efforts.

One fun way to market yourself today is by using photo booths. These retro automated selfie-takers are taking the corporate world by storm. Entire boardrooms spend hours strategizing on how to leverage the innocuous photo booth to get leads, cultivate customer loyalty and more. And it’s working.

In 2016 alone, more than 220, 000 people searched for photo booth rentals on Google each month. That’s a 48% increase in search from the previous year. On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, 15 minutes don’t pass without someone posting something related to a photo booth.

From that data alone, it’s clear photo booths are a trending, and using them can greatly improve branding efforts. But if you’ve never used a photo booth before, you might be wondering how exactly it fits into your branding and marketing plans. Here are a few places where you can leverage photo booths to increase brand awareness during your next corporate event.

Launching New Products

You can set up a photo booth where guests can take pictures with the new products. Guests walk away with a film strip with your product in it. They are bound to remember your product every time they look at the pictures.

Some photo booths allow you to customize the background image. You can use this feature to place your images of your product on the background.

Award Ceremonies

Whether you are recognizing your employees for exemplary services or other movers and shakers in the industry, photo booths are an ideal add-on. Award winners can take pictures in the booths, where you can incorporate your company’s logo like we saw previously.

Corporate Christmas Parties

During Christmas, people are already in a jovial mood and a photo booth is a natural way to capture their mood. Dozens of guests are going to line up at the booth and with tactful thinking you can brand your company during these Christmas parties.

By now you’ve already realized there are numerous ways to brand your company using photo booths. So you don’t have to limit yourself to the suggested corporate events above. Let your imagination run wild and you wont regret having a photo booth at your next corporate event.