Why Should You Have a Photo Booth At Your Wedding?

Your jaw probably dropped when someone suggested a photo booth for your wedding, right? Who would want an old photo booth in this age of Instagram and SnapChat? We are beyond mug-shot style selfies printed on paper. Today we can add filters to our photos using our smartphones for free and post them online for the whole world to see.


Something about the automated selfie-taker in your wedding doesn’t add up. It’s old technology from a different time, right? If that’s what went through your mind when the photo booth idea came up, then you are in the minority.

Wedding photo booth rentals are the most sought after service, edging out wedding Djs and even wedding decorators, and for good reason.

1.     Memories for the Scrapbook

For starters, having a photo booth at your wedding is a unique way to make sure your guest carry a piece of the joy you felt with them. Guests will take dozens of photo strips in the booths and put in their scrapbooks preserving the memories of your happiest day forever. By the end of the night, dozens of scrapbooks will be filled with large grins, joyful eyes and some interesting poses your wedding photographer only dreams of capturing.

2.     Photo Booths Are Contagiously Fun

Another reason you want a photo booth at your wedding is they are contagiously fun. You can be sure of the queue outside the photo booth will be longer than that at the open bar because of all the hilarious moments the simple photo booth promises. Behind those curtains, your guests can let themselves go. You might be surprise at some of the pictures, because the next thing you know Bob from down the street may decide to ditch his corporate demeanor and dress up as a hippy just to take a picture at the booth.

3.     You Get Digital Images of all The Photos

If you rent out the right booth, you can get digital files of all the photos that were taken at the wedding. That leaves you with a ton of keepsakes you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. We are certain Bob wouldn’t have pulled a hippy look if he knew he was going to have a photographer take his pictures.

 Those are just 3 reasons why a photo booth is an absolute must for any wedding. There are tons of other reasons why you should get one for your big day. However, to get all of the benefits, you must get your booth from a reputable provider, so pay a lot of attention when sourcing for one.