Chicago Slo Moe with Flip'N'Sweet Flip Books

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The best flip book makers in Chicago, Flip'N'Sweet have partnered with Slo Moe! We send out our team of 2 Chicago Flip Book makers to your wedding, bar mitzvah, party, or corporate event.  Our event specialists will meet you there an hour before hand and set up our custom flip book booth that is made just for you! We have all sorts of different back drops to choose from or you can customize your own. The Flip'N'Sweet flip book staff from Chicago are friendly and professional, and will go to whatever length necessary to make sure you are 100% happy!

Flip'N'Sweet Flip Books

Once the Flip'N'Sweet booth is set up your guest will be absolutely amazed at how unique of a photo booth you have at your event! Each guest will get in line to have their 7 second video taken. Our Chicago Flip Book team will set you up with some of the coolest props and encourage you to jump, dance, sing, and be as ridiculous and silly as possible, as those make for the best moments and best Flip'N'Sweet Flip Books!

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chicago flip books

Chicago's Best Flip Books

After your seven seconds is up you will only need to wait 2 minutes or so for your brand new Flip'N'Sweet flip book to be ready! They are lightening fast and each guest in the flip book video will get their own wrapped in a custom flip book cover! Your guests will be sure to have a blast making them, and not only will they have digital moment to be played over and over again in the palm of their hands, but as the client you will be able to view all of the videos taken that night! The Chicago Slo Moe Flip Book team will put all of those great flip book videos into an awesome montage for you. It's almost like having another videographer on hand to capture all of the awesome memories at your event!

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